P.A.S.H Preservation around self harm Supporting people away from self harming and self injuring behaviour and encouraging them towards self empowerment.

P.A.S.H Preservation around self harm

Preservation Around Self Harm
Direct Line: 07796 196459
Telephone: 01793 432031
Fax: 01793 436889
Email: pash@swindonmind.org
Swindon Advice & Support Centre
Sanford Street
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Our Ethos

PASH is based on empathy, honesty, and being non-judgemental.

PASH has been designed to encourage qualities within, allowing a client to enjoy a better quality of life.

  • To allow them to see there is a choice and there is always hope.
  • Encouraging clarity through positive thinking.
  • To design coping strategies to deal with situations that cause stress.

Our Aims

  • To support individuals suffering from stress-related illnesses.
  • To encourage self help and self preservation skills in combating negative thinking and self harming behaviour.
  • To allow a person to see their true potential.
  • To work with all aspects of a client’s life and focus on positive outcomes.

Mission Statement

A project commited to delivering a flexible and comprehensive approach, empowering wellbeing, for individuals wanting to develop long term coping skills to overcome self harm / injuring behaviour.

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